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An exterior continuous insulation application in cold weather using Icynene spray foam insulation

Even in the middle of winter, spray foam insulation allows commercial projects to continue without schedule delays. Understand how to effectively insulate exterior walls in commercial buildings in cold weather.

Attic insulation upgrade with Icynene spray foam insulation

Air leakage via the attic can significantly impact the monthly household budget with higher than average heating and cooling bills.

Why you should upgrade your attic insulation with spray foam

The attic is one of the most common and largest contributors to air leakage. Icynene's newest video series takes you and your client through the journey of upgrading your attic insulation with spray foam.

What is spray foam insulation infographic

For anyone curious in understanding the science of spray foam insulation, the Spray Foam Coalition has developed a highly visual and simple infographic detailing how the two components of spray foam insulation come together to create the foam itself.