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Smart Insulation Solutions

As the manufacturer of quality spray foam insulation for more than 25 years, installed in over 350,000 homes and other buildings, Icynene is committed to smart insulation solutions that work. Today, Icynene has become synonymous with ‘spray foam insulation’, and while spray foam problems are not common, protect yourself and avoid problems by ensuring you use a licensed Icynene contractor.  By using a licensed Icynene contractor, you’ll avoid problems like:

  • Poor quality foam
  • Poor installation techniques
  • Poor adhesion to the framing
  • Vapor barrier installed on the wrong side
  • Thermal barrier or ignition barrier not installed to code requirements
  • Do-it-yourself spray foam not applied correctly
  • Imitation products used as ‘Icynene’

Trained & Licensed Icynene Contractors

Composed of a world-wide network of over 350 Contractors, every Icynene spray foam Contractor must go through comprehensive training and pass a practical test before becoming a licensed Icynene Contractor. Once licensed, they are supported by the Icynene team, who provide advice on:

  • best practices
  • installing in unusual situations
  • code requirements
  • technical support and more.

This support will give you the confidence to know that you’ll get the best spray foam insulation in your home.