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Residential Codes-Spray Foam Insulation

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Support for Professionals Insulating a House

Because the Icynene code department is intimately involved in building code development, Icynene contractors and sales team members always have the most current code information to share with you.

If you have questions about building codes related to insulating a house in your area, your local Icynene insulation spray installer can help. To research on your own, use the links below.

For up-to-date insulation spray requirements and the latest evaluation services reports:

For building code questions and code cycle timelines:

For state updates, including alerts:

Icynene Experts’ Involvement in Code Development

Code changes occur on a three-year cycle with various due dates along the way. Icynene representatives participate at each stage of the cycle to avoid surprises and ensure that Icynene products and services are always in compliance.

Icynene’s code department also educates building code officials on spray foam insulation in several ways.

  • Icynene holds at least 15 building code official presentations per year across the United States and Canada, addressing specific issues relevant to each geographic area. These presentations always include question-and-answer sessions.
  • Icynene representatives also participate in code officials’ trade shows to update attendees on products and issues involving spray foam insulation.
  • Questions received both during these events and separately are always answered promptly.

Finally, Icynene’s code department proposes new code changes as a founding member of the Advanced Building Coalition (ABC). The ABC is a coalition of similar, proactive companies and consultants who wish to make building codes more energy efficient while being cost-effective. These organizations include NAHB, the Colorado Department of Energy and other like-minded manufacturers. As a group, these organizations have a greater influence in defending proposed code changes and opposing those that are not in the best interests of building occupants and professionals.

Code changes proposed by Icynene come from spray foam insulation contractors and sales people who have firsthand insights about what needs to be improved and why.