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ProSeal LE - Residential

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Icynene ProSeal LE for Residential

The next evolution of Icynene’s high-performance closed-cell spray foam insulation offers the ability to achieve an initial 7” thickness in one pass.  Suitable for use in interior and exterior applications,  Icynene ProSeal LE features a high R-value and quality long-term performance that is unmatched.

Key Product Features

  • Aged Thermal Resistance: 7.1 per inch
  • Core Density: 2.4lb.
  • Low VOC
  • Air impermeable
  • One formulation suitable for year round use
  • Higher initial pass of 7” in one pass
  • Class II vapor retarder at 1.5” thickness
  • Meets FEMA criteria for resisting water absorption
  • Low VOC allowing for re-entry in one hour and re-occupancy in two hours at prescribed ventilation rate