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Classic Ultra Select

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Icynene Classic Ultra Select is a cost-effective open-cell spray foam innovation offering the superior insulating and air-sealing properties that you can expect from the industry leader. A high-performance one-and-done product, Icynene Classic Ultra Select does not require an ignition barrier when used in limited-access attics and crawlspace applications.  Featuring an R-value of R3.7 per inch, Icynene Classic Ultra Select meets building code requirements while delivering a cost-effective solution for those seeking the year-round benefits that spray foam insulation offers.

Key Product Features

  • Core Density: 0.5 lb/ft3
  • R-Value: R 3.7 per 1”
  • No pre-spray paddle mixing by hand required. Exclusive Icynene-Lapolla Draw Mixer does all the work.
  • Exclusive Icynene-Lapolla Draw Mixer ensures consistency in foam during spray
  • Up to 30% improved cohesion than Icynene Classic Max Select
  • Can be sprayed in a wide temperature range for applications, making it suitable for any climate
  • Ignition-barrier free material for residential unvented attic applications
  • Not considered a food source for pests
  • Cost competitive product that delivers on insulating and air sealing performance year round

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