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Bonus Room Insulation

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Spray foam insulation in bonus rooms

spray foam insulation bonus room application

Homes featuring bonus rooms with floors over unoccupied spaces can often be uncomfortable and cold due to the lack of adequate insulation. However, cantilevered rooms or bonus rooms over garages can be transformed into comfortable spaces with spray foam insulation.

  • Spray foam insulation applied on the ceiling of the garage beneath the bonus room can help alleviate the problem of cold floors, allowing the room to remain as evenly heated or cooled as the rest of the home.
  • Spray foam insulation, since it is an air barrier, can help reduce the risk of exhaust fumes and odors from the garage entering into the home, for a cleaner indoor environment.
  • Cantilevered floors can become cold if not properly insulated. Spray foam insulation creates a seal when applied under the floor to create a more comfortable space.