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How spray foam insulation warms up a cold room

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How spray foam insulation warms up a cold room

Now that winter is upon us, have you turned your heat up higher than you’d like? Or do you keep turning the heat down, after discovering someone in your family has turned it up too high? That constant thermostat battle is far from unique, but it doesn’t have to exist once you learn how spray foam insulation warms up a cold room, or a cold house in its entirety.

Why Icynene Is the Ideal Choice For Your Home

Now that you understand the how part of Icynene spray foam insulation, let’s get to the why. It’s already been stated that Icynene’s ability to expand into tiny gaps and crevices when it is applied allows it to reach parts of the building envelope that might not be reached with traditional material insulation. In terms of performance, this analogy explains it best:

Imagine you’re outside on a cold, late fall day wearing a thick wool sweater. Cozy and warm, right? Now imagine wearing that sweater when the wind picks up. The wind blows right through that sweater, doesn’t it? Now it starts to rain or snow. That sweater is starting to feel wet and soggy, and isn’t doing as great a job at keeping you warm as before.

Now imagine you’re outside in that same weather, only you’re wearing a lined windbreaker jacket. Still cozy and warm, but when the wind blows, you don’t feel it in the same way as when you were wearing the wool sweater. If it starts to rain or snow, that windbreaker is going to do a better job of repelling the moisture than a sweater as well, isn’t it?

That’s the Icynene difference.

The air barrier that Icynene spray foam insulation creates is, in a nutshell, how cold room can be made more comfortable.

The struggle has existed forever: one person walking around bundled up in three sweaters, a scarf, and slippers, complaining about how freezing cold the house is. The other person insisting it’s not that bad. It doesn’t need to be this way, though. The desire to reduce the amount you spend on your monthly heating and cooling bills is legitimate both from a money-saving perspective and from an environmental perspective. Spray foam insulation like Icynene can help, on both counts.

To explain how spray foam insulation warms up a cold room, it’s best to describe the installation process of Icynene spray foam insulation, and why it’s an ideal choice for those drafty rooms in the winter.

How Icynene Spray Foam Works

When you make the choice to install Icynene spray foam, the first thing to do is find a local, licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor to discuss your home’s individual needs. No two homes or families are alike in what works best for them, and a licensed Icynene contractor will help you to determine that.

Your Icynene contractor will have gone through an extensive training program designed to ensure that they fully understand and are able to troubleshoot the process of installation specific to Icynene, before they are licensed. No contractor can use Icynene products without completing this licensing and training program, so you can rest assured that only the best and most knowledgeable spray foam insulation contractors will insulate your home with Icynene.

Icynene contractors use a highly calibrated machine to combine the liquids that, when sprayed in the building envelope of your home, turn into foam that expands around one hundred times its original size within seconds. This expansion allows the insulation foam to quickly fill nooks and crannies that insulation made from traditional materials might not be able to reach. Not only does this allow for a more uniform insulation, it also creates an effective air seal on your home, reducing the possibility of drafts or cold spots.

In addition to the increased comfort you’ll experience in your home, once Icynene spray foam insulation is installed, you can also rest assured that the insulation is guaranteed for the life of the home. This can mean added market value, should you ever choose to sell your home, because the guarantee transfers to the new owners.

Finally, you can balance out the initial investment in Icynene in as little as five years, because of the savings possible on your monthly heating and cooling bills. It can also allow you to “right size” you HVAC unit, thereby reducing your energy output even further. What’s more, those battles over the thermostat setting can be a thing of the past. A comfortable home that everyone gets along in? Sounds ideal.

Talk to a licensed Icynene spray foam insulation contractor in your area, to find out more reasons why Icynene is the ideal choice for your current project.

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