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Insulating attics and roofs

INSULATION IN ATTICYour home doesn’t end at your ceiling. Energy efficient insulation can play an important role in turning your home’s attic/roof into an unconditioned or conditioned space, depending on where you live.

Southern, Warmer Climates

Planning to have your HVAC equipment in your attic? It’s important to remember that if there isn’t adequate attic insulation, your home can run into these 3 problems:

  • Moisture build-up
  • HVAC inefficiency, costing you more on your monthly heating and cooling bills
  • Duct leakage, which can result in up to 30% of energy loss

Using Icynene spray foam as your attic insulation will turn your attic into a conditioned space. This will allow for optimal operation of your HVAC equipment, as well as aid in early detection of situations such as roof leaks and wind-driven moisture intrusion. It will also help keep any duct leaks within the conditioned space of your attic.

Northern, Colder Climates

Due to a lack of air sealing, traditional insulation can allow air leakage of warm, conditioned air through the ceiling and into the attic. This is known as the “stack effect,” because air on the lower levels of your home is replaced by air that’s drawn in from the outside.

Ice dams are another potentially damaging issue that can develop. Ice dams occur when warm, moist air from inside your home comes into contact with the cold roof in the winter. The warm air causes snow to melt and then refreeze on eavestrough, leading to a build-up of ice and icicles. Icynene spray foam is an ideal, energy efficient insulation that can help you avoid these types of problems in your home, while working to both reduce energy loss and to maintain the indoor air temperature so that you and your family are comfortable all year round.

Download our Ice Dam Infographic to learn more! Click here 

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