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Why You Need a Trained Spray Foam Contractor

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Trained Spray Foam Contractor

A home insulation product as highly technical as spray foam insulation needs a trained contractor to professionally install it. While researching spray foam, you may have come across stories about problems associated with unqualified installers, including how it can make a home unlivable.

An unqualified contractor may produce poor results that:

  • Do not meet local energy codes
  • Do not perform as expected
  • Cause ongoing maintenance issues

An unqualified contractor ends up tarnishing the reputation of not just the product, but of the entire spray foam industry. Icynene, as one of the largest quality spray foam manufacturers, has created a rigorous training and licensing program for its contractors.

Icynene is a strong proponent of quality licensed and trained contractors, and we maintain a select network of home spray foam insulation installers. By ensuring you’ve selected an Icynene licensed and trained contractor, you can avoid a spray foam insulation nightmare.