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Make sure your spray foam contractor is qualified for the job

Each Icynene spray foam contractor must complete comprehensive training and pass a practical test prior to being licensed to install our spray foam insulation products. In Canada, our training and evaluation is certified through a third party Quality Assurance Provider, Intertek, to ensure our Icynene spray foam contractors have the knowledge and understanding for accurate installations. Furthermore, our licensed contractors are supported by Icynene’s Technical Services team to strengthen the knowledge and skill of our Contractors’ sprayers. This additional training occurs with Dealers’ equipment on actual spray jobs.

Icynene licensed dealer logoOnly after successful completion of the comprehensive training and evaluation can an Icynene spray foam contractor be licensed to spray our products.

Such is our commitment to quality spray foam insulation and its application, that within the spray foam insulation industry, Icynene is highly regarded for its sprayer training program.

It is this kind of unmatched industry support that gives you the peace of mind to know that you’ve invested in the highest quality spray foam insulation available on the market for your home.