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Understand the advantages of Spray Foam Insulation in Custom Built Homes

While your clients may have heard about spray foam, they may not realize the advantages of spray foam insulation in custom built homes. When building a new home, it’s the best time to have spray foam installed. Homeowners are typically ahead of the curve in pursing energy efficient solutions for their home. Spray foam not only addresses a key concern for homeowners but can noticeably reduce their monthly heating and cooling costs. The many advantages of spray foam insulation in custom built homes versus traditional insulation types includes:

  • Significant savings on heating and cooling bills every month
  • Design flexibility
  • Reduced amount of pollutants and allergens entering the home
  • Quieter indoor living environments
  • Greater comfort

With spray foam, you can insulate hard-to-regulate temperature zones such as basements, crawl spaces, bonus rooms and attics. Your clients will never have to experience cold floors again! Exceed your client’s expectations on comfort by building them the home of their dreams with a comfort level beyond their imagination, only delivered with spray foam.

Icynene’s team of experts can help you with a whole home analysis. The analysis will evaluate your homes building envelope and identify cost savings from products or materials that are downsized or eliminated with spray foam insulation. This is an important step as it significantly reduces the price gap between spray foam insulation and conventional insulation.

So, why use spray foam insulation in custom built homes? To provide your clients with continual comfort, energy efficiency and significant monthly savings. The comfort they will experience will reinforce to homeowners the quality their builder has put into their home and the excellence of the builder they have chosen.

^ Savings vary. Find out why in the seller's fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.


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